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Same people, new name.

BMW 325i, Customisation Detail - October 2013

This 2007 BMW 325i was brought to us with the new owner looking to tone down the sales-rep look and toughen up the appearance. In addition to lots of light surface scratches from general use without paint protection, there were several deep scratches from the previous owner which would need taking care of.


We decided on darkening down the whole car with black 20% window tints with  Johnsons Marathon window film, removing the coloured stock BMW badges and replacing with black and white carbon fibre badges, and changing the front grille’s chrome surround by respraying it satin black whilst keeping a hint of chrome on the centre fins. The “325i” badge would also be removed and the BMW Twisted five spoke alloys would be transformed with a complete strip back and powder coat in satin anthracite.


We began with an in depth surface clean, with the car snow foamed, hand washed and dried, then brought into the workshop for claying and paintwork assessment under lights.

The next step was to remove the badges and side indicators, which had become green with algae, and remove all the adhesive left behind by the badges before polishing away the highlighted shapes left on the paintwork.

The front grill was removed and surround popped out from the main body. This was then cleaned, the surface keyed with bead blasting before being sprayed satin black.

With the tints fitted and the bodywork looking perfect we waxed the finish with two coats of Dodo Juice Blue Velvet hard wax, and took the final photos.

Over the next day, the paint was then machine polished back in two stages to remove all but the heaviest of scratches – the effect shown in the 50/50 shot of the boot lid.  Heavier compounds were then used in multiple stages to remove the deep scratches down sides, to leave a perfect finish ready for waxing.


The indicators were cleaned out using compressed air and, along with the badges were re-installed. The front grill was re-fitted and with the wheels back we were able to re-fit and install the new wheel badges before putting the car back on the ground ready for tinting.

The rear screen was shrunk to fit the glass contours ready for fixing to the inside of the glass, along with the two side quarters.

The normally white clay removed an unbelievable amount of surface contamination which simply would not have been possible to remove with only washing.  

Once lit up the fine surface scratches really leapt out, but nothing that we weren’t expecting. We removed the wheels ready for refurbishment, and placed the car securely on axle stands whilst they were away.