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BMW X5 F15 - New Car Protection Detail - May 2014

Dealership offered vehicle protection packages are seen – all too often correctly - as a bit of a rip off. Dealerships are charging more and more for application of these mythical protectants which rarely live up to expectations, and leave you, the customer, wondering what you just paid on average £600 for… especially when many of the kits cost the dealers as little as £8 to purchase!


The problem is not with the products though – they do work to a fashion, although some of them have been in use for 20+ years and are hardly the best available anymore – the problem is with the application. Dealers very rarely employ a professional to spend the necessary time preparing surfaces sufficiently to allow proper bonding to the paintwork that these coatings need to last the distance. If the surface is not cleaned and completely grease, silicone and contaminant free, the protection products are only going to bond to whatever is on top and therefore only last a matter of weeks or months.

Newer products available also carry the added protection of a physical coating to help protect against abrasion scratches to a degree, rather than just a hydrophobic/oliophobic coating to make the car easier to keep clean. These coatings require professional expertise to apply, as many aspects need to be correct in order to achieve their stunning results; preparation, surface temperature, humidity and cleanliness must be perfect and almost surgical.


The good news is they also generally cost less for a professional detailer to apply than a main dealer would charge, in the same way that an independent servicing specialist would be less than a main dealer and often with greater expertise.

The glass was then polished with a cerium oxide cleaning compound to prepare for later sealant application before commencing a thorough cleanse of the paintwork via clay bar treatment, machine applied cleaner-polishing compound to level and decontaminate the surface before a complete wipe down with a mild purpose solvent design top remove any trace of polish, silicone, filler or grease from the surface and leave only the bare paintwork on which to apply the sealant.


Application is a methodical process to ensure complete coverage, whilst only working on up to 2 sq ft of panel at a time and took around 2 hours on this vehicle to apply sealant to the paintwork alone.


The glass we prepared earlier was then sealed with a compound to allow unbelievable water shedding in the wet– so much so you rarely need to use your wipers above 40mph! a great advantage in keeping your windscreen and vision clear on motorways. This, along with the other sealants, has an expected protection lifespan of at least 2 years.

Finally the interior leather was protected with a leather sealant based on the same technology as the paintwork sealant. It will protect against dye transfer, allow most spills to be simply absorbed and wiped clean with a cloth, it has high UV resistance to protect the leather from solar damage and, uniquely, has a degree of abrasion resistance – especially useful on higher cars which tend to suffer on the leading bolster edge.

The wheels are always the first place we start – personal preference- so these were removed and the vehicle placed on axle stands for the duration.

Cleaning the wheels inside and out with a mildly acidic wheel cleaner removed what brake dust had already deposited onto the wheels, and under our intense detailing lights we machine polished the inside of the rims - often neglected - and inspected the faces for scratches and imperfections, correcting as we went with machine polishing, to leave a flawless finish ready to protect.

Here is an example of a new car nano-ceramic protection detail we completed earlier this year on a brand new BMW X5 F15. Carbon Black paintwork, Ivory nappa leather seats, exterior glass and the 21” diamond cut alloy wheels were all protected. In addition we installed special polymer plastic rim guards to the wheels to prevent potential kerbing damage…


Cleaning began, as with all our detailing work, with a snow foam clean before a two bucket wash using a specialist preparation shampoo, designed to remove all traces of contaminants from paintwork such as delivery wax, iron contaminants from brake dust and general road film.

The car was then fully dried with soft microfiber toweling and brought into the detailing studio. There it was dried further with warmed compressed air to remove water trapped in the panel gaps before being left to dry naturally under heated wall lamps.

Once corrected, we applied a Crystal lacquer sealant designed for alloy wheels inside and out of the rim to protect the surface from brake dust and make cleaning a breeze.

We then installed a seat of Alloygators to each wheel. These plastic protectors sit inside the rim of the wheel held in place by the bead of the tyre, with a small lip sitting proud of the wheel edge to take the impact of any kerb strikes, protecting your wheels from an expensive repair!


The rims were then re-installed prior to lowering back down and torqueing to spec.