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***New Location***


We are now relocated and set up in Ewen, Cirencester as UK Detailing Ltd.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with any enquiries on 01285 770090, or email


Same people, new name.

If your brake calipers are looking a bit tired, rusty or boring let us refresh and restore them. We can clean and paint your car or bike brake calipers and drums in a range of colours to improve the appearance or restore chipped paint or peeling lacquer.



We offer three levels of services, depending on your requirements and the result you would like to achieve:


  • Bronze Level: This service is ideal for unpainted or slightly rusty calipers needing to be cosmetically lifted. We complete this service in-situ with the calipers removed from the hub but left attached to the brake lines. The calipers are cleaned of surface rust and degreased before being hand painted with 2-3 coats of EHT paint. This can usually been done same day if booked in advance.


  • Silver Level: We recommend this service for unpainted or more corroded/rusty calipers in need of heavier blasting. For this service, we remove the calipers from the car, blast them to remove any rust or corrosion, leaving pistons and seals in place, before spray painting with EHT paint. The brakes are then bled and refitted to the car. This usually takes 2-3 days if booked in advance.


  • Gold Level: This service is for calipers in need of a full refurb, painted or unpainted. The calipers are removed from the car, disassembled and acid dipped, if painted, then blasted to remove any rust or corrosion, before beign spray painted with EHT paint. The calipers are then reassembled with new seals (and pistons if required), bled and refitted to the car. This service usually takes 4-5 days if booked in advance.


  • Features and details such as raised lettering can be skimmed to bare metal or painted for contrast effects. Replacement heat-resistant decals are also available for most marque logos.

  • We accept parts by post if you are further afield or would like to keep your vehicle at home, and all calipers carry a 12 month warranty for complete assurance*.

  • Please contact us for more information and a quote or email us a picture of the calipers along with your request.      



Are the brakes removed from the car?

For our Silver and Gold Level services, the calipers are completely removed, and refitted with new brake fluid. This allows us to fully clean and paint the whole caliper rather than just what is normally visible, it also allows us to strip existing corrosion back to bare metal prior to painting for better coating adhesion. The brakes are then re-attached and bled before road testing. For our Bronze Level service, the brakes remain on the car with the surrounding areas masked.


Can you paint discs and hubs?

Yes, we can also clean, treat and paint your discs, hubs and drums, either to match, or in a clean silver or black. Prices start from £25 per hub.


Can you service brakes?

We can have your calipers serviced and rebuilt prior to return if required.


What colours do you do?

Our standard EHT colours include Gloss Black, Brembo Red, Modena Yellow and Gun-metal grey, with others available.


Can you powder coat my brakes?

We are no longer offering powder coating services. Powder coat is less suitable for brakes due to the high temperatures potentially reached under heavy braking, and involves full disassembley of the caliper in order to coat and bake the part.


Can I post my brakes to you?

Yes of course. We accept parts by recorded courier and return in the same manner. Just get in contact by phone or email and we can send you the instructions for packaging and book them in.


How do I need to prepare them if posting?

As far as preparation goes, the pistons, dust boots and seal rings will all need removing unless you are planning on replacing these upon return (recommended). Whilst these areas are blanked off, there is still a risk of blast media dust entering the chambers. The less there is in the way, the easier these are to flush ready for re-fitting. Apart from that, we take care of all the cleaning and preparation as part of the service.