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***New Location***


We are now relocated and set up in Ewen, Cirencester as UK Detailing Ltd.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with any enquiries on 01285 770090, or email


Same people, new name.

Correct - Stage 3 Detail

Stage Three Correction Details are for vehicles in need of a bit of special attention, usually taking several days, dependent on requirements. In addition to an investment in personal satisfaction, it is an investment in the value of your vehicle, with paint correction returning around three times its cost in onward valuation.


Light scratching and oxidisation causes light refraction on the surface of your paintwork, leaving surfaces looking dull and weathered over time. Using a variety of multi-stage polishing and compounding levels and our extensive paint finishing experiance, we are able to remove these imperfections from paint surfaces, and restore a mirror like shine to all ages of vehicle, finishing with a super-fine gloss polish to add a deep mirror finish and leave a glass-smooth shine beneath layers of high quality carnauba wax..


Ideal prior to sale, or on tired vehicles, to remove surface marring and restore an as-new finish to the paint surface. The aim of this stage is to breathe new life into the finish, restoring faded gloss and bringing the vehicle back to reflection-perfection by removing around 95% of surface imperfections.


Alloy wheels are also cleaned and treated, with deep-clean removal or refurbishment available, and water-based tyre dressing applied to treat and clean the rubber. Glass is thoroughly cleaned to remove contamination and waterspots, before an alcohol based cleaner is used to leave perfectly clear screens and windows. Optionally, you can also have the glass chemically sealed for amazing hydrophobic performance when driving in the rain, with each application lasting over a year.


Stage Three details do need to be asessed prior to quoting, as requirements differ from car to car and these services are best appreciated when tailored to individual needs.

To sum up:

  • Snow foam pre-wash

  • Hand wash with PH neutral shampoo and lambswool mitt, using grit-guarded buckets, microfibre dried

  • Clay bar surface cleanse

  • Multi-stage machine polish and compound 

  • Glaze polish

  • Alloy wheels cleaned, clayed and sealed

  • Tyres dressed

  • Door jambs cleaned and degreased

  • Glass clayed and cleaned 

  • Exterior trim dressed

  • Colour specific Carnauba wax finish


Time and Price: Dependent on requirements