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Nano Diagram

Paintwork is protected with a high gloss coating of SiO2 based Crystal Lacquer - coating the surface in a mico-fine layer of ultra-tough glass. Scratch resistant and hydrophobic, it helps keep your paintwork looking as good as the day it was applied and makes it a breeze to clean, with longer intervals between washes.

Exterior Glass is treated with a physical, super-hydrophobic coating, enabling rainwater to fly off the screen as you drive, leaving you with clear vision in the wet for improved reactions and safer driving in all conditions. Wipers become near-obsolete from as low as 40mph, with a life span of around 12 months or 20,000 miles per application.

Alloy Wheels are removed, cleaned and polished, before an ultra-tough crystal sealant is applied inside and out. Brake dust can be wiped away, and even the inside of the wheel rim becomes simple to maintain - usually needing nothing more than a regular hosing off and a wipe. Less brake dust bonding dramatically decreases the likelihood of corrosion and bubbling developing under the paint and damaging the finish.

Leather nano protectants allow the leather to breath naturally, adding resistance to staining and dye transfer whilst leaving a natural matte finish. Abrasion resistance and UV protection ensure your leather stays looking new for longer and is easier to maintain, giving you time to clean up any staining before it becomes permanent.

Convertibles get long-life protection against water saturation and dirt on all types of fabric roof. Super hydrophobic surface action beads water off the roof before it has a chance to saturate the fibres, taking surface contaminants with it. Its Oleo-phobic properties also protect it from most non water-based staining keeping it looking new and keeping the inside dry.

Lasting around 2 years per application this is simply the best treatment you can get for your convertible roof.

Due to the specialist nature of these products and the chemical bonding required, all "from" prices are based on vehicles being in as-new condition, and on surfaces not needing more than a preparatory cleansing. In all other circumstances vehicles will need a minimum of our Stage 1 Detail to sufficiently prepare them for application and surface bonding.

Using Nano Ceramic surface protection products from leading manufacturers such as Gtechniq, C Quartz, and others, we can protect your vehicle's exterior and interior surfaces through the specialist application of Nano-Coatings and Crystal-Lacquers. Unlike some polymer sealants, these actually become the functional surface of your car's finish by swapping part of its molecular structure with the surface molecules of your paintwork. A true chemical or covalent bond, which, as you can imagine, is much stronger than a physical bond - the way regular polymers and waxes adhere.


Not to be confused with Dealership "protectant" coatings such as Supaguard, Diamondbrite or Life-Shine. These are the cutting edge in paint and surface protection technology and, when professionally applied, will dramatically enhance and extend the durability of your vehicle's finish with high gloss, easier maintenance and protection against surface scratching & contaminants.


Browse below at some of  the various applications available.

Exterior trims are treated with a UV shielding sealant to lock in colour and prevent premature fading, leaving an easy clean surface, even on textured plastics, which actively repels dirt and water, whilst retaining a natural matte finish and helping to prevent UV fading.

Durable interior protection that is designed to shield plastic, rubber, and vinyl interior surfaces from damaging UV rays. Not just a short term greasy or slippery layer, like other interior dressings, the coating is a long lasting, wipe clean, matte finish protection layer.

Available as part of our Interior Nano-Seal Package

Fabric is sealed using a hydro/oleo-phobic sealant which treats the individual fibres of the fabric, rather than just the strand surface, to retain the original feel of the fabric. Stale air is allowed to escape, keeping the material fresh, whilst at the same time water or oil-based liquids are instantly repelled, giving long lasting protection against staining and an easy to clean surface in the event of any spillages.

Available as part of our Interior Nano-Seal Package

Alloy Wheels Nano-Sealant Paintwork Nano-Sealant ExteriorGlass Exterior Trims Nano-Sealant Convertible Roof Nano-Sealant Interior Leather Nano-Sealant InteriorFabrics InteriorTrims

" In tests, the crystal lacquer outlasted dealership-applied protections by up-to 10 times..."

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