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***New Location***


We are now relocated and set up in Ewen, Cirencester as UK Detailing Ltd.

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Same people, new name.

New Vehicle Protection Package

When buying a vehicle, dealerships will offer their own “Lifetime” paint protection system. Generally, these are internally seen as the commission bonus for the sales team, and not worth the money charged – usually starting from £500+ for paintwork protection alone, often more. Of those that work as promised, only a tiny fraction are properly applied by a specialist and usually in the quickest time possible to increase dealer margins. We do not have these restraints, it's what we do every day, and we excel at it as a result, often receiving cars directly from the dealership, or in some cases the port, to our detailing studio.


Our new vehicle protection treatment is far more cost effective too, both to apply and maintain. Nano-Ceramic "crystal" sealants are arguably the best protection systems currently on the market - effectively coating your paint in an ultra-fine layer of hydrophobic glass-like quartz, and adding a measurable level of gloss and protection to your vehicle's paintwork, defending your wheel's finish against corrosion causing brake dust, sealing leather seats and rendering wipers obselete on windscreen glass in heavy rain.


Lasting between 2 and 4 years per application, a ceramic paintwork sealant will protect paint finishes from a majority of road-dust scratches and abrasions, UV damage, and contaminants such as acid rain and bird-lime etching, leaving a dazzling low maintenance finish which beads up and sheds water deposits.


Requiring 24 hours indoors at room temperature and in correct humidity to cure, these do need specialist application but will leave a coating which will add considerable benefit, value, and maintenance-free care to your vehicle. We recommend prior assessment of your vehicle's paintwork before application, to correct any existing flaws or damage in the finish for maximum benefit. during these inspections we've gained our customers thousands in picking up on flaws which dealerships have tried to hide during PDI (pre delivery inspection) allowing them to get replacement items, fix flaws at the dealers cost and even renegotiate the cost of the vehicle.


We've designed this package to give your new vehicle the ultimate protection inside and out. Every interior and exterior surface* will be treated with "made-for-purpose" sealants.

To take advantage of this packages, all we require is the car be brand new with only "delivery" mileage on. You can even have it delivered directly to us. Older cars can also be treated, but will a different level of preparation.


Small:         From £400 for application

Medium:    From £420 for application

Large:         From £450 for application

XL/4x4:     From £485 for application


Prices are based on new vehicles not needing more than a preparatory clean or polish.

Any additional work required prior to treatment can be quoted for upon visual inspection and only completed once agreed.

Also available for older cars, or as stand-alone treatments:

Check out our Nano-Coatings & Crystal Lacquer services page or contact us for more information.